We know what we are doing!

Many people keep yelling us by saying you guys are just controlled by the others, you don’t know what you are doing, this is a fault to koin into the protests…….

Indeed, we are just students, we don’t have much life experience like you have, but the only thing we know is “if we don’t stand out for this time, we properly don’t have the other chance”.

Why don’t we tell you that why we have to make this protest happen. According to the social contract theory, government is brought into existence, which means it’s existence is consisted the consent from the individuals.

We are not born to be controlled by the state and government. We knew that the sovereign power can help us escape from the state of nature(an initial pre-political situation with unconstrained power which may lead to solitary poor, nasty, brutish and short), and that’s why we are voluntarily to build up such a contract with the state, in order to gain secure order and stability. Although we have the obligation to respect and obey the state in return, it doesn’t means that we don’t have our say. The authority and power of the ruler, actually are from the people who give their consent to the position of the ruler, therefore please stop telling me that we don’t have the right to choose our own chief executive. We are all part of this society, and we know how to think critically, we are not the Muppets, we know what we are fighting for, so stop yelling at us when you even don’t know what situation you are in!

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